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Medical Sciences : Research Resources: Theses

Guide to Oxford University library resources for postgraduates, postdocs and researchers in the Medical Sciences Division.
Subjects: Medicine

Looking for a thesis?

University of Oxford theses

Oxford DPhil theses are deposited in the Bodleian Library, and now also in ORA. To find them search:

  • SOLO - the library catalogue lists printed and electronic versions. Add  "thesis University of Oxford" to your search.
  • ORA - Oxford University's Research Archive includes digital versions of theses by Oxford DPhil students.

Tips for searching theses in ORA

UK theses

Index to Theses  covers doctoral theses from Great Britain and Northern Ireland universities back to the year 1716. 

EThoS - Electronic Theses Online Service from the British Library.

Both provide abstracts for most theses and full-text downloads.

Non-UK theses

Proquest's Dissertations and Theses with access to abstracts before purchasing the full-text.


  Oxford University   Research Archive   (ORA)

ORA is a digital library of research publications by members of the University of Oxford. 

It contains copies of journal articles, conference papers, working papers, theses, reports and other types of scholarly research publications.

The full text of many items is freely available. DPhil students now deposit a copy of their thesis in ORA.

Bodleian guide to finding theses

Document Supply & Inter-Library Loan service

If Oxford doesn't have the book, article or thesis you want, try our Document Supply service.