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Korea (RoK) : legal resources: Constitution

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The Constitution of the Republic of Korea of July 17, 1948 has since had a number of amendments.

RoK Constitutional Court

Print copies of Constitutional Court decisions (1998 - ) at Korea S 100 C60
                    of Decisions of the Korean Constitutional Court (2000- ) at Korea S 200 C60

As explained on the Court's website
A Constitutional Court case number, 2017Hun-Ba369, is made up of the year, case code (Hun-Ba)
and unique number

The case codes are:

1) Hun-Ka for constitutional review of statutes
2) Hun-Na for the impeachment
3) Hun-Da for dissolution of a political party
4) Hun-Ra for Competence Disputes
5) Hun-Ma for constitutional complaint (pursuant to Constitutional Court Act Article 68, paragraph 1)
6) Hun-Ba for constitutional complaint (pursuant to Constitutional Court Act, Article 68 paragraph 2)
7) Hun-Sa for appointment of a counsel and preliminary orders
8) Hun-A for special cases such as retrial and etc

Chapter 6 of the Constitution established the Constitutional Court

Article 11.1 sets out its jurisdiction
"The Constitutional Court shall have jurisdiction over the following matters:

The constitutionality of a law upon the request of the courts;


Dissolution of a political party;

Competence disputes between central government organs, between central government organs and local governments, and between local governments; and

Constitutional complaint as prescribed by statute."

See also the Constitutional Court Act: August 5, 1988, which has since been amended. (The most recent (as of July 2016)  December 21, 2007.)