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Witchcraft & the law in early modern Europe & USA: History journals

History journals

Print resources

None of the physical print runs will be in the Law Bod - but SOLO searches will reveal their location.
Remember also you can limit your search to just journals via the drop down menu - change All items to journals.

Electronic resources

Clearly there are so many available, this guide cannot do much more than point out some of the bigger hitters for English social history which are available electronically

Related Bodleian Guides

The following are Guides from Bodleian colleagues who are specialists in history

Finding articles in history journals

Historical research has its own special tools too!

National historical bibliographies


Österreichische historische Bibliographie = Austrian historical bibliography. 1967-.

Répertoire bibliographique de l'histoire de France. 1920-31. [URR K.7.228]
Bibliographie annuelle de l'histoire de France. 1953-. [URR K.7.236]

Jahresberichte der Geschichtswissenschaft, 1880-1916 [BOD Offsite Per. 2231 d.288]
Jahresberichte der deutschen Geschichte, 1918-1924 [BOD Offsite Per. 240 e.646]
Jahresberichte für deutsche Geschichte. (Leipzig, 1927-). [URR K.7.278]
1974- available online

Historische Bibliographie. 1986-. [BOD Offsite]
1990- available online.

Bibliografia Storica Nazionale. 1939-99. [URR K.7.480]
2000- available online.

De Digitale Bibliografie Nederlandse Geschiedenis.

Indice histórico español. 1953-. [URR K.7.578]

Bibliographie der Schweizergeschichte. (Bern, 1913-). [BOD Offsite. Search SOLO]
1999- available online through Biblio.