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Long Eighteenth Century in the John Johnson Collection of Printed Ephemera: Indexes

A guide to accessing ephemera and prints from the Long Eighteenth Century in the John Johnson Collection, with a particular focus on historians and students of English Literature

What is indexed?

Most sections of the Collection are indexed, although not all indexes are yet online.  If you are interested in a section and cannot see the index online, please ask.  Indexes are not itemised lists but are intended to show the type of material included in its section and its arrangement.  In some cases, they are the only finding aid.  However, many sections are also catalogued and digitised.

The pdf Indexes are linked from the two lists of the main subject sections: Alphabetically and by Broad theme.    

All sections of the Collection give insights into social history, but one broad theme (Political, Religious, Social and Economic History) is of particular relevance to historians.

 For detailed information about the material in the Collection which relate to the Long 18th century, please click on the Relevant Sections tab.

If there is an index does this mean the section is not catalogued?

No. Eventually all sections will have indexes, but only some sections have been catalogued.

Use this table to find the status of the section which interests you.


Edmund Evans proof for the yellow-back Darkest before Dawn