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John Johnson Collection for Local Historians: Finding places

Searching by place

Most sections are not arranged by place. Exceptions include Bill Headings, Education, Canals, Bridges and Tunnels, and Postcards (not catalogued) and Note Headings, Theatre, and Trade Cards (catalogued). 

Catalogued ephemera

Towns Whatever the material, towns are indexed in our Online catalogue, wherever they appear in the document: as venues of events, illustrations, or addresses of tradesmen, printers, publishers, engravers, etc.  Once you have searched by place, be sure to keep scrolling down through the index entries as we have not completed our authority work on places. You will currently find (for example) Exeter and also Exeter (England). The ''expand index' function lets you see the type of material and date (where known) and also to view very large result sets.

Addresses Good news for London historians: we always record addresses wherever present. These will display in the bibliographic form of the record (only) and cannot be searched in the Johnson online catalogue. For those sections included in the JISC-funded project The John Johnson Collection: an archive of printed ephemera, street names can be searched through the ProQuest site (including full text searching).

Images Trade cards, for example, often show premises. To search for this specifically in our online catalogue use the search facility. Using the scroll bar select Places and key in the town.  Using the other scroll bar, select Subjects, Trades, Products and enter premises.  Where there is a ProQuest icon instead of the image, you will need to do the search again on the ProQuest site.


Trade cards

Trade cards are a major resource for local historians, documenting tradesmen of the past and often showing premises since demolished or modified.


Trade card for William Horton & Co, needle makers of Redditch and Birmingham with images of the exterior and interior of the factory, around 1830

Trade card for William Horton, Redditch and Birmingham, [1830s]

(C) John Johnson Collection: Trade Cards 26 (15)