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John Johnson Collection for Local Historians: Genre A-Z

What types of ephemera might I find?

There are many different types and subjects of ephemera that include information relating to cities and towns in the UK.  An A to Z would include Advertisements, Billheads, Crime Broadsides, Coaching Bills, Dance Cards, Dioramas, Elections, Envelopes, Flyers, Grocery Papers, Games, Hidden Image Works,Hotels, Insurance, Invitations (Artists), Japanese Paper Souvenirs, Keepsakes, Labels, Lottery Bills, Menus, Memorial Cards, Note Headings, Oxford, Paper Bags, Playbills, Postcards, Quadrilles, Rose Souvenirs, Scraps, Seaside, Lakes & Spas, Stamp Posters, Street Ballads, Trade Cards, Temperance, University, Views, and Wayzgooses

Rose souvenir The Folkstone Rose with original packet

Bill Headings

Bill heading for John Howard, ironmonger of Bedford, showing his shop and factory, 1831

Bill Headings not only include names, addresses and (often) illustrations, but are usually dated and include prices of goods