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History collections on open-shelves in the Old Bodleian, Radcliffe Camera and Weston Library: Duke Humfrey's Library

R.1 - selected medieval sources

R. 1. 86 - Codex diplomaticus aevi Saxonici (Chartae Anglosaxonicae). 6 vols. London, 1839-1848 - also available online via the Internet Archive.

R. 1. 97 - Regesta regum Anglo-Normannorum : the Acta of William I (1066-1087). Oxford, 1998

R. 1. 98 - Regesta regum anglo-normannorum, 1066-1154. 4 vols. Oxford, 1913-1969

R. 1. 123 - Fœdera, conventiones, literæ, et cujuscunque generis acta publica, inter reges Angliæ / Rymer, Thomas, 1641-1713. Farnborough, 1967

R. 1. 130 - Annala Uladh = Annals of Ulster, otherwise, Annala Senait, Annals of Senat. Dublin, 1887-1901 - also available online via the Internet Archive.

R. 1. 132 - Annala Rioghachta Eirean = Annals of the kingdom of Ireland, by the Four Masters, from the earliest period to the year 1616. 7 vols. 2nd Dublin, 1856. - also available online via Internet Archive.

R. 1. 135a - Scotichronicon / Walter Bower. 9 vols. Aberdeen, 1987-1998


See also Upper Reading Room classes K5 and K.7.

R.2 - selected ecclesastical & genealogical sources

R. 2. 13 - Regesta pontificum Romanorum (R.2.13 Italia pontificia, R.2.14 Germania pontificia, R.2. 17 Iberia pontificia)

R. 2. 21f - Concilium Florentinum documenta et scriptores

R. 2. 26k - Germania sacra

R. 2. 27d - Helvetia sacra

R. 2.175 - Smith, David M., Guide to bishops' registers of England and Wales : a survey from the Middle Ages to the abolition of episcopacy in 1646 (London, 1981)

R. 2.176 - Canterbury and York series

R. 2.177 - Records of Convocation

R. 2.190 - Northamptonshire and Rutland clergy from 1500

R. 2. 239 - A list of wills, administrations, etc. in the Public Record Office, London, England, 12th-19th century

R. 2.239c - An index to the wills proved in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, 1750-1800

R. 2.240 - Index to the prerogative wills of Ireland, 1536-1810

R. 2.256 - Publications of the Harleian Society - partly available online


See also Upper Reading Room K.6

R.Top - local historical society publications (selections)

Lending copies of many of these series are in History Faculty Library Local history section, Lower Gladstone Link.

R.Top. 8 - Publications of the Surtees Society [Northumbria]

R.Top. 90 - Publications of the Bedfordshire Historical Record Society

R.Top. 100 - The Berkshire archæological journal

R.Top. 115Buckinghamshire Record Society (Series)
R.Top. 121 - Cambridgeshire Records Society (Series)
R.Top. 130 - Journal of the Chester Archaeological Society
R.Top. 140* - Transactions of the Cumberland and Westmoreland Antiquarian & Archæological Society
R.Top. 160* - Derbyshire archaeological journal
R.Top. 165 - Derbyshire Record Society (Series)
R.Top. 172 - Devon and Cornwall Record Society (Series)
R.Top. 176 - Proceedings of the Dorset Natural History and Archaeological Society
R.Top. 190 - Essex archaeology and history
R.Top. 210 - Transactions of the Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Society
R.Top. 211 - Bristol Record Society's publications
R.Top. 214 - Hampshire record series
R.Top. 216 - Publications of the Southampton Record Society
R.Top. 217 - Southampton records series
R.Top. 219a - Hampshire studies : proceedings of the Hampshire Field Club and Archaeological Society
R.Top. 219h - Hertfordshire record publications
R.Top. 225 - Kent records
R.Top. 232 - Transactions of the Historic Society of Lancashire and Cheshire
R.Top. 232 - Record Society of Lancashire and Cheshire (Series) [digitised volumes at BHO]
R.Top. 240 - Transactions of the Leicestershire Archaeological and Historical Society
R.Top. 260 - Publications of the Lincoln Record Society [digitised volumes at BHO]
R.Top. 269 - Proceedings of the Huguenot Society of Great Britain and Ireland.
R.Top. 270 - Transactions of the London and Middlesex Archaeological Society
R.Top. 271 - Publications (London Record Society) [digitised volumes at BHO]
R.Top. 585 - Survey of London [digitised volumes at BHO]
R.Top. 285 - Norfolk Record Society (Series)
R.Top. 287 - Publications of the Northamptonshire Record Society
R.Top. 320 - Record series (Thoroton Society) [Nottinghamshire]
R.Top. 325 - Oxford Historical Society (Series)
R.Top. 330 - Transactions of the Oxfordshire Archaeological Society
R.Top. 336 - Oxfordshire Record Society (Series)
R.Top. 340 - Oxoniensia (Oxfordshire Architectural and Historical Society)
R.Top. 341 - The Oxfordshire family historian : the journal of the Oxfordshire Family History Society
R.Top. 345 - Banbury Historical Society (Series)
R.Top. 348 - Rutland record : journal of the Rutland Record Society
R.Top. 350 - Shropshire history and archaeology : transactions of the Shropshire Archaeological and Historical Society
R.Top. 360 - Somerset archaeology and natural history
R.Top. 375 - Somerset Record Society
R.Top. 380 - Collections for a history of Staffordshire
R.Top. 390 - Proceedings of the Suffolk Institute of Archaeology and History
R.Top. 405 - Suffolk Records Society (Series)
R.Top. 406 - Suffolk charters
R.Top. 415 - Surrey Record Society (Series)
R.Top. 420 - Sussex archaeological collections
R.Top. 422 - Sussex Record Society (Series) [digitised volumes at BHO]
R.Top. 425 - Publications of the Dugdale Society [Warwickshire]
R.Top. 427 - Transactions (Birmingham and Warwickshire Archaeological Society)
R.Top. 430 - Wiltshire archaeological magazine
R.Top. 431 - Wiltshire Record Society (Series)
R.Top. 435 - Worcestershire Historical Society (Series)
R.Top. 435 - Transactions of the Worcestershire Archaeological Society
R.Top. 445 - Record series (Yorkshire Archaeological Society) [digitised volumes at BHO]
R.Top. 447 - Publications of the Thoresby Society [Leeds]

Victoria County Histories (VCH)

The Victoria County History Red Book project was founded in 1899 as a private enterprise, with the intention of producing a history of each English county. Its ambitious scope covered all aspects: archaeology, topography, architecture, social, economic and political history through the ages and by parish. The publications are thoroughly researched, authoritative and illustrated.

Some individual volumes are available electronically and many series are still in progress or has ceased, where for instance funding has dried up. From

[See also Victoria County History: England's Past for Everyone]

Search for a Parish (VCH)

R.Top. 522 - The Victoria history of the county of Bedford [online selectively]

R.Top. 524 - The Victoria history of Berkshire [online selectively]

R.Top. 531 - The Victoria history of the county of Buckingham [online selectively]

R.Top. 533 - The Victoria history of the county of Cambridgeshire and the Isle of Ely [online selectively]

R.Top. 538 - A history of the county of Chester [online selectively]

R.Top. 540 - The Victoria history of the county of Cornwall

R.Top. 544 - The Victoria history of the county of Cumberland [online selectively]

R.Top. 548 - The Victoria history of the county of Derby [online selectively]

R.Top. 553 - The Victoria history of the county of Dorset [online selectively]

R.Top. 556 - The Victoria history of the county of Durham [online selectively]

R.Top. 560 - The Victoria history of the county of Essex [online selectively]

R.Top. 562 - The Victoria history of the county of Gloucester [online selectively]

R.Top. 565 - The Victoria history of Hampshire and the Isle of Wight [online selectively]

R.Top. 570 - The Victoria history of the county of Hertford [online selectively]

R.Top. 572 - The Victoria history of the county of Huntingdon [online selectively]

R.Top. 574 - The Victoria history of the county of Kent [online selectively]

R.Top. 576 - The Victoria history of the county of Lancaster [online selectively]

R.Top. 579 - The Victoria history of the county of Leicester [online selectively]

R.Top. 581 - The Victoria history of the county of Lincoln [online selectively]

R.Top. 587 - The Victoria history of London : including London within the Bars, Westminster & Southwark [online selectively]

R.Top. 590 - The Victoria history of the county of Middlesex [online selectively]

R.Top. 594 - The Victoria history of the county of Norfolk [online selectively]

R.Top. 596 - The Victoria history of the county of Northampton [online selectively]

R.Top. 603 - The Victoria history of the county of Nottingham [online selectively]

R.Top. 605 - The Victoria history of the county of Oxford [online selectively]
R.Top. 740 - The Victoria history of the county of Rutland [online selectively]
R.Top. 744 - The Victoria history of Shropshire [online selectively]
R.Top. 750 - The Victoria history of the county of Somerset [online selectively]
R.Top. 752 - The Victoria history of the county of Stafford [online selectively]
R.Top. 755 - The Victoria history of the county of Suffolk [online selectively]
R.Top. 763 - The Victoria history of the county of Surrey [online selectively]
R.Top. 766 - The Victoria history of the county of Sussex [online selectively]
R.Top. 768 - The Victoria history of the county of Warwick [online selectively]
R.Top. 774 - The Victoria history of Wiltshire [online selectively]
R.Top. 776 - The Victoria history of the county of Worcester [online selectively]
R.Top. 778-780 - The Victoria history of the county of York (incl. North Riding, East Riding, city of York) [online selectively]

R.Top & Oxf - Oxford University

R.Top. 625 - The history of the University of Oxford / Aston, T. H. (Trevor Henry) (Oxford, 1984-)
R.Top. 624a - Examination decrees and regulations for the academic year ...
R.Top. 624b - Statutes, decrees and regulations of the University of Oxford
R.Top. 631 - A bibliography of printed works relating to the University of Oxford  / E.H. Cordeaux and D.H. Merry. (Oxford, 1968)
R.Top. 652-710 - histories and registers of individual Oxford colleges (A-Z)
Oxf. Hand. -  Student's Handbook to the University of Oxford (1873-1911), then Oxford University Handbook (1912 - 1969)
Oxf. Cal. - Oxford University Calendars (1810-) [digitised for 1810-1887 via SOLO]
Oxf.Gaz. - University Gazette (1870-)  with supplements [available online 1993/94-]
Oxf. Mag. - Oxford Magazine (1883-) [available to members of the University, Hilary 2015-; requires SSO.]

Also useful:
Alumni Oxonienses 1500-1714 (University of Oxford, Oxford, 1891);

Wales, Scotland & Ireland - topography, history & antiquities

R.Top. 785-791m - history, topography and antiquities of Welsh counties and towns

R.Top. 794-796 -  history, topography and antiquities of Scottish counties and towns

R.Top. 807-810 - history, topography and antiquities of Irish counties and towns

PRO Lists & Indexes; List & Index Society publications

L&I - Public Record Office (PRO) Lists and Indexes [please note that they are in the process of being transferred from the Upper Reading Room K.5.478 and K.5.479]

main series: vols 1-55

supplementary lists and indexes: vols. 1-15

L&I Soc - List & Index Society publications: Standard series & Special series

Searchable index of the L&I Standard Series

Searchable index of the L&I Special Series

Domesday book

"Domesday Book is a detailed survey and valuation of landed property in England, taken in 1086 on the orders of William the Conqueror. It records who held the land and how it was used, and also includes information on how this had changed since the Norman Conquest in 1066. It is not a census of the population, and the individuals named in it are almost exclusively land-holders. Domesday is written in Latin,  though excellent translations are available". From National Archives guide: Domesday Book.

R.Top. 980 - Domesday book (Phillimore)

  • v. 36 = Index of places
  • v. 37 = Index of persons
  • v. 38 = Index of subjects

"The Phillimore editions (Domesday Book, general editor John Morris (Chichester 1975-1992)) are arranged by county, and have a transcript of the original abbreviated Latin on the left page, facing an English translation on the right page. These volumes do not have page numbers, because as far as possible they use the reference systems found within Domesday itself." Learn how to find an entry in the Phillimore edition.


See also:

Historical biography

DH Cler. Dir. - Clerical Directory (1855-1860), then Clergy List (1850-1917, c 155 vols) and Crockford's clerical directory (1860- current, c 103 vols)

DH DLB - Dictionary of Literary Biography [available online]

BR846.3 DIC 1985 - Dictionnaire du monde religieux dans la France contemporaine

CS27 ALM 1807 - Almanac (Almanach) de Gotha (1910-1944)

CS404 EUR 1978 -  Europäische Stammtafeln. Neue Folge (1978-)

LF113 EMD 1957 - A biographical register of the University of Oxford to A.D. 1500 / A.B. Emden. 3 vols. (Oxford, 1957-1959)
LF113 EMD 1974 - A biographical register of the University of Oxford, A.D. 1501 to 1540 / A.B. Emden. (Oxford, 1974)
LF124 VEN 1922 - Alumni cantabrigienses : a biographical list of all known students, graduates and holders of office at the University of Cambridge, from the earliest times to 1900 / compiled by John Venn and J.A. Venn. 2pts in 10. (Cambridge, 1922-54)

All Duke Humfrey modern books are


to the library.


You can use them anywhere in the Old Library, Gladstone Link, and Radcliffe Camera.

More history sources

The Upper Reading Room guide lists more core source materials, esp. for medievalists and early modernists and European historians.

Image of the Upper Reading Room, Bodleian Old Library

Finding local history books in SOLO

You can find more local history books in SOLO with the following suggested subject searches:

Abingdon Abbey - History

Kensington (London, England) - Social life and customs

Manchester (England) - Dwellings - History

Lincolnshire (England) - Economic conditions - 1066-1485

Surrey - Geneaology - Bibliography

Wills - England - London - Indexes

Soldiers - England - Oxfordshire - Registers

Historical Directories

Historical trade and phone directories of the 19th century are a wonderful source of information for English and Welsh local history.

Suggested SOLO subject search: e.g. Oxford (England) - Directories.

A number of directories have also been digitised at Historical Directories of England & Wales (Leicester University).

Image of the title page of Kelly's Directory of Staffordshire 1896

Bodleian Libraries does not have a subscription to the library edition of However, public libraries offer access, including Oxford Central Library (top floor). is particularly useful for family and genealogical research, esp. British, North American and Australian.

You can trace a family tree using the largest site online including the UK Census from 1841; birth, marriage and death records; parish and probate records.

Read the HFL blog post on access to

Local History Online in England and Wales