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Prelims Paper 1 - Introduction to English Language and Literature: Training video and exercises

Subjects: English


Welcome to the training page for Prelims Paper 1. 

In the left-hand column you will find a video recording of the webinar hosted in Hilary term 2023, containing demonstrations of key resources. In the column to the right of the page, there are some suggested exercises to work on so that you may try the resources out for yourself.

Online Resources for Prelims Paper 1 - Recorded Webinar

Video Contents

00:00 Introduction

05:43 Finding online resources in SOLO and Databases A-Z

11:00 Oxford English Dictionary

17:04 Other types of online resources

28:37 ProQuest One Literature

36:57 Text analysis tools

44:04 Corpora

52:56 Next steps


Once you have worked through the content in the box on the left, there are four other exercises available below, which will take you through using some of the key resources: