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Italian Literature & Language: Taylor Institution virtual tour

Subjects: Italian, Linguistics

Taylorian bird's eye view

Navigating the Taylorian

Finding your way around the Taylorian building

The Taylor Institution building was constructed in two phases. The first, designed to integrate visually (but not physically) with the Ashmolean Museum, was completed in the 1840s. An extension, expanding northwards along St. Giles', was completed in the 1930s. The library collections are distributed in many rooms throughout the building and finding the section you need can be confusing.

                                                                         FIAT 500, Monte Santa Maria Tiberina (Photo: James Legg, 2016)

For a history of the Taylor Institution and its collections see:
J. Hughes, “History of the Library and its collections
Handbuch der historischen Buchbestände in Deutschland, Österreich und Europa, ed. B. Fabian
(Hildesheim: Olms, 2003)

Link here to the Taylor Institution Library's Virtual Tour