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Bibliometrics and Citation Tracking: Citation Tracker/h-Graph

Citation Overview by Scopus

The Scopus Citation Overview is a way to find, check and track citation data. It lets you track data year by year for a specific author or topic.

With the Scopus Citation Overview you can evaluate:

  • The most highly cited author in a field and check that author's relevance
  • The real-time citation data of articles and authors of interest
  • What topics are hot in familiar or unfamiliar subject areas
  • What subjects are being cited by other subjects

Tracking Authors Using Citation Overview

The 'Authors' search option allows you can look up articles by and author, institution and subject area.

  • select the author and View Citation Overview
  • Get the h-index for the author
  • Get the h-Graph information about articles the author as written
  • Citation information: how many articles that were cited by this author and how many times they were cited over time

Image showing an example of a citation overview report in Scopus



The h-Graph measures the impact of a set of articles and shows the number of citations per document. The h-graph below shows the h-index for a specific author based on citations to set of their papers.

An example of an author h-index graph from Scopus