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All Souls College, The Library: Special Collections

The Bibliophile

Sebastian Brant, Stultifera Nauis (Basel: Johann Bergmann, 1497).



See more information about our special collections on the Library website.

Early Printed Books



Wren Drawings

Hovenden Maps

Fellows' Pamphlets

Vaughan Papers

Special Collection Appointments


Anyone wishing to use any of the special collections must apply in advance to the Librarian. Not all items are immediately available, and may need conservation treatment prior to consultation. Early printed books may not be photocopied under any circumstances, but obtaining other forms of reproduction may be possible depending on the condition of the book and the requirements of the reader. Photography (conventional, digital, or microfilm) takes time to arrange, and those requiring reproductions for study or publication are advised to discuss this with a member of the Library staff at the earliest possible opportunity.    

Those needing to consult original materials should contact the Library well in advance to allow for provision of images in the first instance, and for necessary arrangements to be made around current staffing constraints.

Image requests

If the condition of the item allows, images can be requested for private research, as well as supplied either in lieu of a visit, or as a conservation measure to reduce the handling of fragile materials. For complete works, images will be uploaded to the Library’s website; specific pages may also be requested. For very large orders, it may be necessary to apply fees, but in most cases there is no charge for this service. Please give as much notice as possible if images are required by a specific date. Images may also be requested for publication; please contact the Library to discuss requirements. All images should be requested via the Image Request Form.

Digitized special collections

A limited number of special collection items have been digitized and images can be viewed via the Library's digital resources site.

Architectural drawings

The full catalogue, and high resolution images of the Library's collection of architectural drawings are now available ON-LINE, here.

Hovenden Map

Hovenden map, I:01 - Typus Collegii, All Souls College. See the full image on the Digital Bodleian.