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NHS Resources: Royal Marsden Manual Online

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The 10th edition of the Royal Marsden Manual of Clinical and Cancer Nursing Procedures - online. 

Evidence-based clinical skills procedures related to essential aspects of a person’s care, based on the latest research findings and advice from clinical experts. 


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How to Access The Royal Marsden Manual Online

From an OUH Trust PC or Other Authorised Device or Network 

  • Go to the OUH intranet homepage and follow the link to the Royal Marsden Manual, located under the list of clinical resources on the right-hand side of the page.
  • If you're using the new SharePoint intranet site, you will find a link to the Royal Marsden Manual in the 'Clinical Zone'

From Your Personal Device or Offsite 


For more information about OpenAthens, visit our online guide.   

How to Search Content

Search or browse procedures, chapters or illustrations using the search bar and filters at the top of the page. 

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Book cover: The Royal Marsden Manual of Clinical Nursing Procedures


The Royal Marsden Manual contains over 350 detailed, evidence-based procedures across 28 chapters.

Table of Contents

1 The context of nursing

Part One: Managing the patient journey
2 Admissions and assessment
3 Discharge care and planning
4 Infection prevention and control

Part Two: Supporting patients with human functioning
5 Communication, psychological wellbeing and safeguarding
6 Elimination
7 Moving and positioning
8 Nutrition and fluid balance
9 Patient comfort and supporting personal hygiene
10 Pain assessment and management
11 Symptom control and care towards the end of life
12 Respiratory care, CPR and blood transfusion

Part Three: Supporting patients through the diagnostic process
13 Diagnostic tests
14 Observations

Part Four: Supporting patients through treatment
15 Medicines optimization: ensuring quality and safety
16 Perioperative care
17 Vascular access devices: insertion and management
18 Wound management

Part Five: Looking after ourselves so we can support patients
19 Self‐care and wellbeing

Part Six: Cancer Nursing
20 Diagnostic investigations
21 Haematological procedures
22 Cancer pain assessment and management
23 Administration of systemic anticancer therapies
24 Radionuclide therapy
25 Wound management
26 Acute oncology
27 Living with and beyond cancer
28 End of life care

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