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Regent's Park College Home: Using the library

Regent's Park College

Borrowing, Renewing & Returning books

Borrowing books:

Our self-issue machine allows borrowing 24/7. It is important that all books you take are issued to you so that other students are not looking for books that are not on the shelves.

If you have overdue loans or have borrowed more than your limit, the self-issue machine will not allow any other loans. Please return any overdue or extra books, or contact a member of library staff for help. We do not charge fines for overdue books.

Borrowing limits:

Undergraduate: 20 items/person

Postgraduate: 25 items/person

Staff: 30 items/person

(This limit is separate from the borrowing limits at the faculty libraries or any other libraries within the university which allow borrowing.)

Due dates:

Borrowed during Term Time (to Monday of 7th Week): Wednesday of 8th Week

Borrowed from Tuesday of 7th Week to the end of the vacation period: Wednesday of 1st Week of the following term

Due dates for your items can be checked on SOLO.

Renewing books:

Books that are not yet overdue can be renewed online by logging in to your SOLO account. To renew books that are overdue, please contact the Library staff at


Returning books:

Please place books in the book return box situated outside the main library doors.


Extra help


The college library and the David Nicholls Collection are only accessible via stairs. However, provisions are available to facilitate library use for individuals with disabilities or for whom stairs are awkward. Please contact us at and we will make the most appropriate arrangements to meet your needs.

There is a stair lift down to the Angus Library and Archive. Please contact in advance of your visit.

Students with specific learning needs are able to book study carrels in advance. To book, please click here.

Coloured acetate is available to anyone who needs it. This can be found on the Reserved Books shelf by the front of the Library. Please return after use.

Earplugs are available on the Reserved Books shelf.

A magnifying glass is available to borrow from the Library office.

For general information about the support you can get from the Bodleian Libraries team, please visit For more information on specialised services please visit


Finding items in the library

The main collection is in the main reading room of the college library. It is organized using a customised Dewey Decimal Classification system that ranges from 000 to 900. The labels on the bookcases will indicate what range of shelfmarks you will find in those bookcases.

There is a reference-only section on the shelves in front of you as you go into the library (on the shelves facing to the left). If you are looking for a book with a shelfmark containing REF, it is likely to be here.

There is a small welfare collection, which is housed in the journals room at the back of the library. Turn right through the double doors at the far end of the library; it will be on a shelf on your right.

Update August 2023: A move to Library of Congress Classification will be taking place in the main library over the next 1-2 years, but this is mostly taking place in the background before bulk changes are made. Items showing with a Library of Congress shelfmark (e.g. BV4517.5 WER 2022) are currently located in the David Nicholls Collection or the Wellbeing Collection. 

Finding books and journal articles

SOLO LogoTo search for books held in the college library, David Nicholls Collection and the Angus Library and Archive, please use the University’s online catalogue, SOLO.

You can restrict your search just to Regent’s Park College using the drop-down list next to ‘Search everything’.

You can also use SOLO to search for journal articles and ebooks.

Sign into SOLO using your Oxford Single Sign-on (SSO) in order to obtain full search results when using the catalogue. The section "My Account" is where you can renew books and manage your university library account.  You can limit your search to “Regent's Park only” if you so wish, but you can also carry out a search across all Oxford libraries. Your search results will provide you with a shelfmark, which will help you to locate the book on the library shelves.

Remember that  you can always ask library staff for help if you are unsure about how to search and locate items or are baffled by reading list references.

LibGuides logo  SOLO LibGuide will help you to help navigate and to get best use of the catalogue.

Photocopying, printing and IT support

There is a photocopier/printer available for student use just outside the library entrance. The librarian is happy to help with basic IT needs, but resetting passwords, etc. must be addressed to college IT support.

College IT support:

University IT support:

Don’t forget that many of our services (e.g. Nexus, eduroam, VPN, WebLearn) are provided by the University, and their staff can help you with many basic issues.

Useful “how-to” links: