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Statistics: Theses & Dissertations

Subjects: Mathematics, Statistics

Finding Oxford theses

SOLO allows you to search for Theses in the Oxford collections.

1. Navigate to the SOLO homepage.

2. Click on the 'Advanced Search' button

3. Click the 'Resource Type' menu and choose the 'Theses' option.

4. Type in the title or author of the thesis you are looking for and click the 'Search' button.

Theses and dissertations online

Electronic Collections

A number of recent theses and dissertations prepared at Oxford are available to download from the Oxford Research Archive (ORA). The British Library provides access to UK theses through its EThOS service [Currently unavailable].

Links for Theses and Dissertations

Finding Theses and Dissertations in the Library

Physical Collections

The RSL owns physical copies of Oxford theses and MSc dissertations in the sciences. These can be obtained by searching the catalogue (using SOLO) and placing a hold/stack request.

Theses from other Universities may be found by searching services such as Proquest Dissertations.

The Statistics Library also contains a physical collection of theses and dissertations which can be viewed by those with access to the library (please note, access to this library is restricted to members of the statistics department).

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