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Russian and Slavonic Language and Literature: Online Resources

This guide aims to introduce library readers researching or studying Russian to essential library and electronic resources for the subject area.

Russian and Slavonic societies and associations

Russian search engines

Internet portals

Internet sources need to be treated with care as quality can be variable. 

It is a good idea to use a subject portal as this usually means that the resources have been evaluated by a subject specialist before being made available to users. 

Here are some subject portals for Russian studies below. 

Searching in Cyrillic

You will need to be able to type in Cyrillic.  It is quite easy to instal a Cyrillic keyboard onto a computer these days.  However, if you do not have access to a Cyrillic keyboard, the Russian search engine Yandex offers a virtual keyboard which you can use when necessary.

There are various sites which offer help in converting your keyboard to a homophonic keyboard in which the Roman letters correspond to the sounds of the Cyrillic ones.  Paul Gorodyansky's site Russian keyboard: standard and phonetic may provide a starting-point.

Online translators