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Managing your references: Colwiz

Research Management Features


Use multiple shared and/or private calendars to organise your schedule

Task Lists

Get things done with task lists.  Tasks can be private or allocated to colleagues.

Sharing and collaboration

Share references, tasks and calendars with Colwiz groups. Each group also has a discussion area.

Connect with other researchers by developing your academic social network profile and using private messages.

How does it work?

Colwiz is a freely available reference, research and project manager for researchers, students and academics with web-based, desktop and mobile versions.  You can sync your library between these different versions and across different computers.

Registration / log in page

Download Colwiz desktop

Collecting References

Direct Export

Search online databases from within Colwiz and add references from the search results to your library

Indirect Export

From online databases and other reference management software

Import files saved as BibTex, EndNote XML or RIS.


Citations and bibliographies

Cite references and create bibliographies in MS Word, Open Office and LaTex using the Colwiz word processor plug-in.

For available citation styles to see list go open ColWiz Desktop, go to Settings and open the Styles tab.

Need help with ColWiz?

System Requirements