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Oral History - guide to resources: A-C


Newly bookmarked websites

This box links to the Bodleian History Faculty Library's Diigo account, which bookmarks websites relevant to the study of History.

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AAH Oral Histories

Ambleside Oral History Archive

Around 1968: Activism, Networks, Trajectories

Art, photography and architecture

ATS Remembered

The Battle of Britain

BECTU Oral History Project

Belonging: Voices of London's Refugees

Birmingham Black Oral History Project

Black and Ethnic Minority Experience

Bolton Remembers the War

'Brian Drain' Debate in the United Kingdon, c.1950-1970

Breaking the Silence: Staying at home in an emigrant society

British Antartic Oral History Project (BAOHP)

British Diplomatic Oral History Programme (BDOHP)

British Hinduism Oral History Project (BHOHP)

British Library Sounds

British Voices from South Asia

The Calum Maclean Collection

Captive memories: Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine and the Far East POW experience

Caring on the Home Front

The Ceredigion Oral History Project

Changing Perceptions

Coal Mining Oral History

The Cork Memory Map

The Corner Shop: A Social History Project

Credit, Class and Community: Working Class Belfast 1930-2000

The Cricket History of Calderdale and Kirkless