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Medical law & ethics: Journals

UK, EU & international medical law & ethics.
Subjects: Law

Selected law journals with special medico-legal focus

Generalist law journals can include relevant articles eg

Rob Heywood & José Miola The changing face of pre-operative medical disclosure: placing the patient at the heart of the matter, (2017)  133 LQR 133  296 (LQR is Law Quarterly Review)

However, there are specialist medico-legal journals such as those listed below. (The list does not claim to be comprehensive)

Finding open access journals and articles on the free web.

Lawyers and law students should not rely solely on the Journal Articles tab on SOLOnor become over reliant on Google Scholar.

There are special tools for you - make use of them too!

To find indexing tools for medical journals, please consult guide below

In the Law Bod, there is no one periodicals reading room.

Journals with UK focus will have shelf marks beginning  Cw UK 300, They can be found on Level 2, the entrance level to the Law Library.

Some examples are 

Journal of the Medical Defence Union (later MDU journal) (1985- ) in print at Cw UK 300 M140

Medical law monitor (1994- ) in print at Cw UK 300 M150

Medical law review (1993- ) in print at Cw UK 300 M160Personal Injury Compensation (2004- ) in print at Cw UK 300 P27
(previously called Personal and medical injuries law letter ) 

Journals looking at more than one jurisdiction, comparative law journals have shelf marks beginning General 300

If the volume you are looking for is 2000 or later, you will find it on Level 1, one floor below the entrance level.
If the volume you are looking for is 1999 or older, you will find it on the Ground Floor.


European journal of health law (1994- ) in print at General 300 E40

Medical law international (1994- ) in print at General 300 M15

As always if you are having any difficulty finding things in the Law Library, please come and ask at the Enquiry Desk on Level 2


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Inter-library requests

If the Bodleian Libraries don't have the journal you are looking for, we may be able to source it through Oxford's inter-library request service.