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Competition law: Legislation and cases

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Online resources available to all with access to the internet

European Union

Foreign jurisdictions

Case law

The UK Competition Appeal Tribunal (CAT) "is a specialist judicial body with cross-disciplinary expertise in law, economics, business and accountancy whose function is to hear and decide cases involving competition or economic regulatory issues." (Description from CAT's homepage.)

Neurtal citation is [yyyy] CAT #

European Union

Foreign jurisdictions

Report series in print

The LawBod shelves its series of British Isles law reports on Level 2, the floor at which you enter the library.

A specialist series you may not have encountered before is

United Kingdom Competition Law Reports at Cw UK 120 U50

Law reports of European Union or European national jurisdictions are on Level 3, one floor above the entrance level.
Law reports from other foreign jurisdictions are on Level 1, one floor below the entrance level.