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Maps: Local and estate maps

Local and estate maps

Local maps such as estate and parish maps can be a useful source of detailed information, sometimes for dates for which Ordnance Survey maps are not available.

The list below of early estate, parish and other large-scale property or garden  surveys (not street maps) has been compiled from catalogue records in the Map Room card catalogue and can be a useful shortcut to maps of this type. It covers the British Isles only. Maps are listed alphabetically by place-name within each county.

This includes some maps held in manuscript collections, including the University Archives, which may not be catalogued on SOLO.

The list is fully indexed by town/village, farm, estate, etc. names. Each entry contains the following information (where known):

Title of map.

Date (usually of survey).
Publication date for printed maps if different from date of survey.

Estate map

Detail from Laxton estate map

Detail from an estate map of Laxton, Nottinghamshire, drawn by Mark Pierce in 1635.