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Free resources

Google Scholar

Google Scholar is a search engine that provides a broad search of scholarly literature. It covers multiple disciplines and sources.

It has advantages as it is easy to use but it sometimes shows non-academic materials and has limited search options.

Logging in to Google Scholar

You may not have access to everything in Google Scholar, but if you log in you can get access to everything Oxford has access to. To see these links in your Google Scholar results, you must first tell Google Scholar that you have access to the University of Oxford library subscriptions by following these steps.

  • Open Google Scholar and sign in via the Sign In button
  • Click on the Menu Google Scholar Hamburger Menu
  • Click Settings at the bottom of the left-hand menu
  • Screenshot of the opened Google Scholar with Settings at the bottom of the list.
  • On the Settings page click on Library Links on the left hand menu
  • Type University of Oxford in the search box
  • Multiple options will appear tick University of Oxford - Fint it @ Oxford
  • Saving your settings by clicking the save button

Screenshot of Library Links page on Goofgle Scholar. In the search box the text "University of Oxford" is written. Below the box there is a tick box next to the text "Open WorldCat - Library Search" and a tick box next to the text "University of Oxford - Fint it @ Oxford"

You will now see 'Find it @ Oxford' links next to items in your Google Scholar results that you can use to access the full-text provided by library subscriptions.


You can also install the a Google Scholar extension to your browser. this will allow you to look up articles as you browse the internet.

Screenshot of Google Scholar Button page. There is an image of the Google Scholar Button in a browser. Below that is linked text "Install Scholar Button to look up papers as you browse."

  • Follow the instructions for your browser.

Finding Open access material

Journals and Books

Browser extensions

Downloadable ‘apps’ for your internet browsers.

  • Open Access Button – Automatically detects paywalled articles and presents an open access alternative
  • Unpaywall – Searches Unpaywall’s database of millions of free scholarly articles each time you encounter a paywall.