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Changing the narrative: championing inclusive collection development: Disability Studies

A guide produced as part of the "Changing the narrative: championing diversity in collection development" project, running January 2020 to December 2021, led by Helen Worrell.


Disability Studies is an interdisciplinary academic field concerned with the study of disabled people globally.  Disability Studies also considers the social constructions of 'ability' and 'disability' and how this related to people society labels 'disabled'.  For more information on how disability can be defined see the WHO's page here.

The Equality and Diversity Unit co-ordinates the Disabled Staff Network and the Disability Advisory Group meets regularly to advise the University on issues relating to staff disability.

Getting started - introductory online resources

The following resources offer overviews of the field of Disability Studies:

Oxford Bibliographies provide an up-to-date overview of the most recent and authoritative scholarship in a given field.  Although the following bibliographies are part of the Education and Childhood collections they have good overviews of Disability Studies as a discipline:

Disability (Childhood Studies)

Disability (Education)

The Institute of Historical Research has an in-depth guide to History of Disability collections here.

Disability also intersects with other protected characteristics, cultures and communities.  Oxford Bibliographies provide a guide to scholarship on Race and Disability here.