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Anti-Racism in Academia: Diversifying Teaching Cases


This page is about anti-racism and gender issues in business teaching cases.

The articles and webinars on the left-hand side explore some of the problems with how black and minority ethnic (BAME) people are represented in cases, and why it matters. Resources on the right-hand side focus on what educators and business schools can do to help address these problems. Also on the right-hand side are links to collections or compilations of teaching cases containing BAME protagonists, and/or which address topics related to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI).

Race and Gender in Teaching Cases

What Can Educators and Business Schools Do?

Finding Cases

Protagonists of Color (Harvard Business School Gender Initiative)

80+ cases recommended by Harvard Business School faculty, all with BAME protagonists. Subjects include General Management, Organizational Behaviour, and Social Enterprise.

Black Business Leaders: Case studies featuring Black protagonists (Harvard Business Review)

A selection of cases featuring black business leaders.

Underrepresented perspectives: Black leaders in business (The CASE Journal)

A special issue of The CASE Journal (15(5), 2019), which includes six cases featuring black/African American protagonists.

Case Compendium (Center for Equity, Gender, and Leadership: Berkeley Haas)

Hundreds of cases with diverse protagonists and/or focusing on DEI-related issues.