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FHS Course I - Paper 4: Literature in English 1660-1760: Bibliographies

Oxford Bibliographies

Oxford Bibliographies are comprehensive subject bibliographies, which provide an up-to-date overview of the most recent and authoritative scholarship. Oxford Bibliographies provides a seamless pathway to the most accurate and reliable resources. Every article in the database is an authoritative guide to the current scholarship, written and reviewed by academic experts, with original commentary and annotations.

The site includes bibliographies on British & Irish Literature, Renaissance & Reformation Literature, as well as bibliographies on specific authors. You can use the  button to search SOLO for e-books of recommended items.

Milton: a Bibliography (1624-1799)

Milton: a bibliography tries to bring together all manuscripts and editions of John Milton's works and all studies and critical statements concerning his life and works, all allusions and quotations, and all significant imitations during the years 1624-1799.