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Russian newspapers: Access to digital archive

Access to the archives of contemporary Russian newspapers

Most contemporary Russian newspapers can be accessed via the Russian Central Newspapers resource (Eastview) on OxLIP+.It is possible to search the archive of one or more specific newspapers.

For online access to older newspapers go to the Digitized Newspapers tab.

Integrum (also on OxLIP+) also has access to many central and provincial Russian newspapers.  With Integrum it is not possible to search by individual newspaper but by broad category (ie all newspapers, central newspapers, regional newspapers)

Archives of Pravda and Izvestiia are also available via OxLIP+. Look for Izvestiia Digital Archive (1917-2010) and Pravda Digital Archive (1912-2009)

Older Russian newspapers available on microfilm at TABS

This is only a small selection of the newspaper titles which we hold.