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Architecture for Continuing Education: Architecture on the Web

English Heritage/Historic England

English Heritage  is a new charity which manages the properties and monuments.

Historic England  is a new organisation that does everything else that English Heritage used to do – planning, research, listed buildings, maintaining the National Monuments Record, maintaining photo collection, publishing etc. This means that where we used to have English Heritage publications, these will now be Historic England.

National Archives

The National Archives

The National Archives is a good place to find records relating to sites and their owners. Searching is free, but you may need to pay to download documents or to have prints sent to you.

The Records section of the site gives guidance on searching for different types of information. You will also find a link to In-depth research guides which includes a guide on researching architecture and related topics.

Non-Western Architecture and Architectural History

This section features some non-Western architecture/architectural history websites which may be of interest to students with a global interest in the subject.  It will be updated regularly.

Key resources

This box lists some key web resources on (mostly Western) Architecture.  There's a separate box with information on resources for non-Western architecture and architectural history on this page. See individual entries for access information.

Further information

As the study of Architecture involves various other disciplines, you may find the following guides useful: