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British Standards: British Standards Online (BSOL) database

British Standards Online (BSOL)

The Bodleian Libraries subscribes to British Standards Online (BSOL) 

  • Readers with a SSO can access the database off campus. A VPN is required. 
  • All readers can view this database in any reading room in any of the Bodleian Libraries.

British Standards Online is the definitive site for all publications from British Standards Institution. The site contains bibliographic information on more than 39,500 documents covering:

* Current, historic, and draft British Standards

* More than 16,000 BSI adopted European and international standards

* Technical handbooks

* Codes of practice

* Guidelines

* Specifications for products, dimensions, and performance

* Glossaries

Oxford users have access to the full text of all British Standards, but not to all other publications on the platform.