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Managing your references: RefWorks


Alert May 2017: Footnotes users are experiencing a number of problems with RefWorks. In particular, the RefWorks MS Word plugin "Write n Cite"  is currently causing Word to crash when inserting footnotes which include URLs or which have special formatting. In addition, the RefWorks plug in for Word 2016 for Mac ("RefWorks Citation Manager") is occasionally inserting rogue characters into footnotes.  Neither problem affects in-text author-date style citations.  We are discussing these issues with RefWorks as a matter of priority. In the meantime, if you are having difficulties please contact for help


RefWorks is a web-based reference manager provided free to members of Oxford University via the Bodleian Libraries' institutional subscription.

Which version of RefWorks?

A new version of RefWorks has recently been launched by the developers, Proquest.  This new version will run alongside the existing version of RefWorks (now referred to as “Legacy RefWorks”)  until January 2018.

Although both versions are now available, currently it is not possible to edit documents in new RefWorks if they have previously been used in Legacy RefWorks. For this, and other reasons we strongly recommend that existing RefWorks users at Oxford University delay moving to the new version of RefWorks for the time being.  > Find out more

If you are entirely new to RefWorks we recommend that you use RefWorks 3 (which is the new version of RefWorks) >Find out more.

Need help with RefWorks?

Legacy RefWorks

For help with Legacy RefWorks please contact

RefWorks 3 (New RefWorks)

For help with RefWorks 3 or questions about migration please contact

Workshops on RefWorks 3

For help with RefWorks please email