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UpToDate Anywhere: Getting Started

Subjects: Medicine

Purpose of this guide

The OUH Trust's subscription to UpToDate expires on Sunday 31st July 2022.

Therefore, you will need to transfer your CME activity from UpToDate or you will lose access to it.


This guide is intended for students and researchers at the University of Oxford and staff in Oxford University Hospitals Trust seeking information on on using UpToDate. Use this guide to find out about how to use UpToDate.

Getting started with UpToDate Anywhere

UpToDate includes more than 7400 peer-reviewed topics; these are written by 3800 physicians who are experts in their respective fields. Each review is linked to Medline abstracts and a complete drug information database. An updated version of UpToDate is released every four months.

UpToDate is available via an individual username and password. Once registered, you will have access from any web browser and up to two mobile devices, including via the new UpToDate Anywhere app on your smartphone or tablet.

For Medical Students and other members of the MSD:

You’ll need to sign up by going to UpToDate via Databases A-Z: or SOLO –​

You’ll be taken to the University of Oxford Single Sign-On screen and once you’ve signed in you’ll be taken to a webpage to create an account. You can then use your individual username and password to log in via the web and the UpToDate app. Your password will expire every 90 days so you’ll need to go through the A-Z Databases/SOLO link from time to time to refresh it.

UPTODATE ANYWHERE MOBILE APPS: You are now able to download any of the mobile apps on up to two devices: Go to your respective App Store on your device and download the free UpToDate Mobile App. Once it has downloaded, please use the UpToDate username and password you created during the registration process to log in.

Search tips

  • Type a word or phrase in the New Search box.
  • UpToDate generally recognises common synonyms, abbreviations, acronyms and word roots.
  • UpToDate automatically searches across all specialties.
  • An author's name, journal or year is not a valid search term.

Search results

  • The search engine will return a list of matches to your search term.
  • Click on a title to see the full topic review.

Navigating topic reviews

  • The outline of a topic review allows you to preview its content.
  • Click on a heading to access the information you need in the text.
  • Click on a reference number in the text or in the reference section at the end of the review to see the full details and abstract for that reference.
  • To find particular terms within a topic review, click on the Find button and enter the required term or part of the term.


Citing a topic review

  • Cite the UptoDate topic as a chapter in a book titled UpToDate, edited by Denise S. Basow, published by UpToDate in Waltham, MA.
  • There are no page numbers to cite.
  • Since UpToDate is released every four months, each topic will appear (i.e. be published), in each release that is issued, so the publication year for any topic should be the current year.

For example:

Marion, DW. Diaphragmatic pacing. In: UpToDate, Basow, DS (Ed), UpToDate, Waltham, MA, 2012.

Additional tips

  • Click in the Search UpToDate box to search again.
  • Click on the What's New tab to read summaries of the latest major medical findings within each specialty.
  • Click on the Patient Info tab to access a list of available topics for downloading for patients.
  • Click on Help to access an online tutorial and a User Manual. Within the User Manual there is a section on Searching in UpToDate.
  • Graphics in UpToDate are denoted by phrases such as "show figure 1". You can access any graphic by clicking on these links. Graphics included in a topic review are also listed at the bottom of the topic outline.
  • Click on a drug name in a topic review to access usual dosage, adverse reactions and more. You can also search for a drug name by typing it into the New Search box.  
  • To export, you can use either the Print or E-mail function.


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