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Trinity College Library: Trinity College Library

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Lockers: There are lockers available in the library basement for finalists and for postgrads living out. Please ask me for a key. First come first served!

Tidiness and desks: The usual reminder to only use one desk, keep it tidy, use a 'please leave these books' form and be prepared to share desks as the library gets busy!

Finding books, journals and databases

The University library catalogue SOLO includes printed books and journals for most Oxford libraries.

You can search by author, title or subject and can limit your results to Trinity Library should you wish.

Here is a guide to using SOLO.

Ebooks, electronic journals and databases can also be accessed through SOLO. Lists of databases and journals, ordered alphabetically or by subject, are also available through the A-Z lists in the useful links section of the SOLO homepage.

Here is a guide to finding and using e-resources.

There are regular training sessions on SOLO, and specialised subject databases, run as part of the iSkills programme.


Book Suggestions

If you cannot find a book on your reading list in the Library, or if you would like to suggest a book purchase please contact the Librarian.

Although we welcome book suggestions  it may not be possible to buy every book. Multiple copies of text books are available in the Library and it is recommended that you share books with your colleagues whenever possible.


Trinity Library

Trinity Library is open  to any member of the College, 24 hours a day, every day. Access is by fob.

Note: Members of other Oxford colleges will not normally be admitted to the Library. However, if the book you are looking for is unavailable elsewhere in Oxford it should be possible to arrange reference access. Please contact the Librarian to discuss this.

The Library consists of 2 reading rooms and a gallery:

The Upper Library contains classics, history, english and european language and literature, politics and sociology. There is also a reference collection of dictionaries, atlases etc. The Upper Library also holds current copies of printed journals, for reference; a small collection of study skills and self help books and books in the 'Very Short Introduction' series. The self-issue /return terminal is also located in the Upper Library. The Upper Library has a number of study desks. Some are designated hotdesks or MCR desks.

The Lower Library holds books on science and medicine as well as  philosophy, psychology, economics, management, law, art, music and film studies. It also contains a number of pcs and black and white and colour printers as well as a black and white photocopier and a scanner. The Lower Library has a number of study desks, including hotdesks.

The Gallery, accessed from the Upper Library, contains theology books and some backruns of printed journals. The Gallery has 8 study desks, 4 of which are MCR desks.

Floorplans of the Library are available at the bottom of this page. Note: they may only be viewable from a library pc.




Subject Guide

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Sharon Cure
Trinity College
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Library rules

Please help keep the Library a pleasant environment to work in by observing a few simple rules:

  • The library is a no-smoking environment  -including e-cigarettes
  • Please do not bring food or drink into the Library, with the exception of water or other drinks in covered containers.
  • Switch your mobile phone off, or set it to silent ring.
  • Keep other noise to a minimum.
  • Do not leave personal belongings unattended.
  • Please keep the Library as clean and tidy as possible. Desk space is limited, so please do not 'hog' desks. See 'using books in the Library' for more information. Hotdesks will be cleared daily.