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St Antony's College Library: Using the library


St Antony's College Library is open principally for current Fellows and students of the College (College Advisors are advised to contact the Library Staff if they wish to have access to the Library).


If you are not a current member of St Antony's and wish to consult items which are not available in the Bodleian Libraries, please contact the Library Staff for assistance. 


Former members are very welcome to visit during office hours. Unfortunately, alumni are not usually allowed to borrow items or study within the Library's reading rooms for prolonged periods.


If you have a disability, we encourage you to contact the Librarian to discuss how we can support you. 

Unfortunately, the Library's main reading room and book stacks are not wheelchair accessible. However, alternative arrangements for collecting and returning books may be made; Library staff are happy to fetch items for you if you cannot use / have difficulty using stairs.

Please find more information for disabled readers here:

Library rules

A photo of two men holding their index fingers to their mouths overlaid with text which reads
A photo of a coffee splashing out of an open cup and a plate on biscuits on a table overlaid with text which reads
A photo of highlighted an annotated pages of a book overlaid with text which reads

What we offer

A photograph of a book stand in the Library.

Book stands

A photograph of a box of earplugs.

Ear plugs

A photograph of some coloured acetate sheets spread across a book.

Coloured acetate sheets

A photograph of a hands-free magnifier and its box.

Hands-free magnifier

A photograph of one of the Library's two laptop stands.

Laptop stand

Portable fans (two available).

Portable fans (two available)

A photograph of a water dispenser with plastic cups

Water dispenser (outside the Gulbenkian Reading Room)

Photograph of blue Sony MDR-ZX310 headphones


Photograph of two different adaptor plugs for use within the UK

Plug adaptors

Desktop computer with keyboard and mouse

Desktop computer (more available in the Computer Room)

Two multi-function printers (one in the Computer Room, one in the corridor)

Three types of chair (ergonomic chairs can be found in the Gulbenkian Room)

Scientific calculator

Height adjustable table (available in the Gulbenkian Reading Room)

Monitors (with both USB-C and HDMI cables for you to attach to your own device - available in the Gulbenkian Reading Room)

Ergonomic equipment

The Library supplies the following:

  • laptop stands
  • magnifiers
  • coloured overlays
  • book rests
  • ear plugs
  • adjustable chairs
  • height adjustable table
  • computer monitors
  • and other pieces of ergonomic equipment