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Spanish and Latin American Language and Literature: Finding e-books

Guide to resources for Hispanic language and literature studies.

Google Books

Although full text e-books are rarely available in their entirety on Google Books, it can be a useful source for contents pages and introductions to chapters.

Open access sources

Torrossa : scholarly e-books

Oxford has access to Torrossa, a scholarly e-book platform developed by Casalini Libri. A wide range of subjects are covered, with  over 180 Italian, Spanish, French and Portuguese publishers contributing titles in the fields of language and literature, linguistics, art and architecture, film studies, history, law, philosophy, theology and cultural studies.

You can browse directly on the Torrossa platform to see which books are available in electronic format. All the books are also catalogued on SOLO.  Click on the image to go straight to Torrossa. 


If you have any problems using the Torrossa database or would like to give feedback, please email

Spanish literature and language

If the book you were looking for in the library is checked out, there may be copies available online. Oxford provides access to a range of e-books though a variety of providers. Individual purchased titles can be searched for on SOLO.

Oxford also subscribes to major digital collections such as Cambridge Collections Online and Blackwell Reference Online. These includes a number of companions to authors such as Cervantes and García Márquez, as well as other relevant titles.

Please remember, if you are accessing e-books remotely, you will need your Single Sign-On login and password.

Below are some examples of available e-books which are relevant to Spanish and Latin American language and literature. Our collection is growing all the time as we try to acquire key popular titles. Please feel free to contact me with suggestions.