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ORCID at Oxford - Researcher Identifier system: Home

ORCID Researcher Identifiers


An ORCID iD is a unique researcher identifier, used worldwide, that you keep throughout your life and retain even if you move institution.

Click the green button to get an 'ORCID at Oxford' register for an ORCID at Oxford

You can create new or connect existing ORCIDs with the university this way. Use the How to register tab of this guide for step-by-step help.

ORCID is increasingly becoming the method of choice by funders and publishers globally to unambiguously link people to their publications and grants.

The Wellcome Trust and NIHR are examples of funders which require ORCIDs in grant applications.

Your ORCID record is owned and managed solely by you, not the University.

What is ORCID at Oxford?

What does an ORCID at Oxford look like?

Anyone can register direct on the ORCID site and claim to be at Oxford. But with an Oxford one your affiliation is verified. Your Employment information could show as 'Source: ORCID Integration at the University of Oxford' - here's Professor Alison Banham's

What else does ORCID at Oxford do?

It will save you time and effort as it increasingly provides automated linkages between publisher and funder and University systems.

How do I get an ORCID ID?

Use ORCID at Oxford to register for an 'official' Oxford-linked ORCID. This 'linking' service is possible because Oxford is a member of ORCID.

What if I already have an ORCID ID?

Please link it to Oxford using ORCID at Oxford. NB. if you want the new verified affiliation to display, you first need to go to your ORCID account and delete your current Oxford Employment information, .

Twitter user?

If you're tweeting about your new ORCID don't forget our hashtag #orcidatoxford.



What is ORCID?

Founded in 2010, ORCID (Open Researcher & Contributor ID) is an open, non-profit, community-based effort to provide a registry of unique researcher identifiers, ORCID iDs, and a method of linking research-related items, such as articles as datasets, to these identifiers. An increasing number of publishers and research funders are using ORCID iDs as a way for researchers to identify themselves when submitting publications or bids.‌

Why should I have an ORCID iD? What’s in it for me?

An ORCID iD is for life: if you change institution anywhere in the world you take it with you. With an ORCID iD you can ensure all your grants, publications and outputs are correctly attributed to you. Unlike employer or publisher identifiers, your ORCID record is managed by you and stays with you throughout your career. Organisations such as HESA, Wellcome, RCUK and publishers are using this identifier and in the future it will ensure smoother linking up of all aspects of research and enable new services around managing and publicising these activities.

What does ORCID membership do for funding agencies?

Funding agencies will be able to track and correctly indentify their grants and related outputs to the correct researcher, no matter how many times they change institution, or indeed, name. Research funders are increasingly integrating ORCID and other persistent identifiers in their application processes. You will find that many publishers now require you to enter an ORCID iD when you submit a publication.

How do I know if I have an ORCID ID?

If you can't remember whether you already registered, look yourself up using the Search bar at the top of the ORCID homepage.

If you try to register with the same email address as before, ORCID will ask you to log in rather than register.  However if you register with a different email address, ORCID will assume you are a different person.