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ORA: Oxford University Research Archive: About ORA

A guide to using ORA for storing and disseminating digital copies of Oxford research publications including theses

What is ORA?

The Oxford University Research Archive (ORA) was established in 2007 as a permanent and secure online archive of research materials produced by members of the University of Oxford.

Repositories such as ORA are becoming commonplace in higher education institutions as they grow to be strategically vital for research dissemination and other purposes. ORA is a growing archive that incorporates material from all disciplines within the University divisions (Humanities, Maths, Physical & Life Sciences, Medical Sciences and Social Sciences). It is also is the home of Oxford digital theses.

ORA provides a single point of public access to electronic copies of peer-reviewed journal articles, conference proceedings by Oxford authors and Oxford research theses. This also provides a means for institutional compliance with funders’ Open Access requirements.

The archive also maintains: working papers, reports, book sections and more. Unpublished academic work is also deposited into ORA, maximising the University's research output.

The full text and abstracts of many items within the archive can be downloaded free of charge by anyone with an Internet connection and new full texts are being added daily. Items that include full-text in the archive are subject to usual copyright terms and where possible information regarding reuse is included.

ORA also contains the sister repository ORA-Data, a service that archives, preserves and enables the discovery and sharing of data produced by University of Oxford researchers.

ORA is maintained by staff within the Open Collections of the Bodleian Libraries. Contact details are available here. Please see Depositing in ORA for information on how to contribute your work to the archive.

Key features of ORA

  1. ORA is a permanent and secure online archive of research publications produced by members of the University of Oxford
  2. It contains published and unpublished works
  3. Peer reviewed items are clearly labelled
  4. ORA is for storage, access and preservation of the full content of Oxford research publications
  5. By adding your research materials to ORA you are making them more visible and more accessible
  6. ORA forms a part of the Bodleian Libraries' digital collections
  7. Repositories such as ORA are commonplace in most UK universities and across the world and are becoming strategically important for research dissemination