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Women and Law: Women & the law

Subjects: Law

Purpose of this guide

This guide is intended for students and researchers studying women and the law at the University of Oxford, although students and researchers from any field may find it useful.

Use this guide to find out about sources and commentary for women and the law, including ebooks, ejournals, and databases.

Finding resources

Navigate through this guide by clicking on the relevant tab you can see above this box (below the main title of this guide).

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As there is a good deal of interdisciplinary interest & involvement in this topic, SOLO searches will discover resources held in other Bodleian libraries (in particular our near neighbour the Bodleian Social Science Library). Take note of the location and shelf mark details, and plan your time across the different reading rooms!

Colleagues have written guides which should help your interdisciplinary studies further - please click on the links below to discover more...

Women & the Law

The study of women and the law can be divided into two distinct but related branches:

1) The status of women within the contemporary English legal system, in public international law, and EU law.

2) Feminist legal theory (FLT)/ Feminist jurisprudence

Feminist jurisprudence concerns itself both with theories of gender and patriarchy in the philosophy of law, and with suggesting models for incorporating feminist ideas into legal practice, such as judgment of cases.

Suggested starting points: please see other pages in this guide via the tabs.

English & Welsh, UK law

Public International Law & Human Rights

European Union Law

The Law Bod is predominately an Open Shelf Collection, with readers having access to all four floors. Readers are encouraged to ask staff for directions whenever they are in the Library, but below is an outline of where most of the material in this subject area will be found.
Level 2. This is the floor at which you enter (and leave!) the Library.

This floor has the monograph collection for England & Wales, UK, Northern Ireland, Scotland & the Channel Islands. Also works on Australian, Canadan, Irish, New Zealand and US law. These have shelf marks beginning KB to KM. As England & Wales is the "home" jurisdiction for Oxford, these books are shelved at the beginning of each topic. Then come the other jurisdictions in alphabetical order, often with a geographical identifier in their shelfmarks: A8 or Aus for Australia, C4 or Can for Canada, C8 for Channel Islands, I8 or Ire for Republic of Ireland, N4 or New for NZ, N8 for Northern Ireland, U4 or UNI for US.

Law Journals from all the UK and NI jurisdictions are shelved on this floor, Level 2.

Legal philosophy monographs, with shelf marks beginning Jurisp,  and comparative (two or more jurisdictions) monographs, shelf marks beginning General, are also on this floor, Level 2.

Level 3. This is one floor above the entry/exit level, accessible by both stairs and a lift.

This is the floor where you will find Public International Law monographs and 2000 & later journal issues. Shelfmarks start Internat.

International Human Rights books are shelved at Internat 570, then arranged by the surname of the author/editor, not by subject or topic.

This is the floor where you will find EU law monographs and 2000 & later journal issues. Shelfmarks start Euro Comm

This is the floor where you will find Criminology monographs and 2000 & later journal issues. Shelfmarks start Crim

Level 1. This is one floor below the entry/exit level, accessible by both stairs and a lift.

This is where you will find post 2000 issues of common law countries (other than the USA), General (comparative law), Jurisp (legal philosophy) law journals

Searches in SOLO will undoubtedly reveal useful material in Bodleian libraries other than the Law Bod.

For example (but not exclusively) the Bodleian Social Science Library, the Philosophy and Theology Faculties Library, and the History Faculty Library.

Women & the Law at OU

Remembering those who led the way!