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e-Books: Finding e-books

Accessing e-books within the University network

If you are a member of Oxford University and are on-site using a PC, Mac or Unix workstation within the domain, you will be able to access most electronic resources without requiring a username and/or password.

Some resources (like EBL or Ebrary) may still prompt you for your Oxford Single Sign-On (SSO) or require an additional login (see Additional Logins box below).

Accessing e-books outside the University network

Remote access

If you are off-site, log in to SOLO ("My Account") with your Oxford Single Sign-On (SSO).

This will give you remote access to all e-book platforms as well as all databases, electronic reference works and e-journal packages.

If you have forgotten your SSO or need help with it please visit the IT Services username web page.

Additional logins

Some e-book platforms require you to register for your own username in order to get access to the platform or to enable greater functionality like downloading.

EBSCOhost eBook Collecion

To download e-books you will need to create a personal account on EBSCOhost. Find out more about creating a My EBSCOhost Account.

An additional account is not needed to read EBSCOhost e-books via the web-view online.

Searching for e-books


The library catalogue SOLO is the best place to find individual e-books. Simply search for the book you want and if an e-book is available it will appear along with the print version of the book.

SOLO - multiple versions

From here you can click on the title of the book or View all versions and then click on View Online to read the e-book itself.

SOLO - View Online

For subject specific e-book collections please take a look at the libguide for your subject - available under Subject resources on the Oxford LibGuide main page.