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ebooks: Coronavirus (COVID-19) updates


This tab is for updates to ebook provision as the libraries deal with with impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Bodleian Libraries are exploring ways to support remote and online teaching using ebooks.

Note: Unless otherwise stated, all offers of access are available only to current University of Oxford members (those with an Oxford Single Sign On), and not to Bodleian Reader Card holders or members of the public. Members of other Universities should contact their own university libraries regarding access to online resources.

JSTOR has made all their archival journal collections temporarily available until 29th June 2021.

JSTOR has made all its public health ejournals available to access online via until 29th June 2021.

These resources are accessible to anyone, including those without an Oxford Single Sign On.

The National Archives is giving free temporary and limited access Digital Downloads

The National Archives (TNA) is the official archive of the UK Government and for England and Wales, collecting documents dating back over 1,000 years. TNA is now providing temporary and limited access to their digitised collections. It is strong in military and naval history (e.g. service records, war diaries), wills from 1384-1858, and migration history (e.g. alien's registration cards 1918-1957). It also includes 20th century Cabinet Papers and Security Service files as well as Domesday Book. Registered users will be able to order and download up to 10 items at a time at no cost, to a maximum of 50 items over 30 days.

These resources are accessible to anyone, including those without an Oxford Single Sign On.

British Online Archives

A resource providing access to over 3 million records drawn from both private and public archives. There are over 80 collections with thematically organised records covering 1,000 years of world history, from politics and warfare to slavery and medicine. Includes: Paris Peace Conference, Prosecuting the Holocaust, Colonial Law in Africa, British Labour Party Papers 1906-1994, Liverpool and Bristol shipping records, West Indies slavery and slave trade records, Missionary archives. Access via 

Some collections are available permanently, but extra access to the remaining content is until 29th April 2021.

New ebooks subscriptions

The Bodleian libraries have taken out a number of new ebooks subscriptions to enhance ebook provision. These include:


Oxford University Press Politics Trove

Access to 26 market-leading textbooks written by renowned experts across International Relations 2020 and Political Theory & Political Philosophy 2020. Titles are available via SOLO and Access runs until 31st July 2021.


Oxford University Press Law Trove

Law Trove contains the full text of law textbooks published by Oxford University Press, available via SOLO or Access is available until 6th October 2021.


Cambridge University Press ebooks

Until 30th May 2022, over 21,000 ebooks in Humanities and over 15,000 in Sciences and Social Sciences published by Cambridge University Press are available via their EBA (evidence-based acquisitions) programme.

Cambridge University Press e-textbooks

Over 700 higher education textbooks in HTML format. Subjects covered are: area studies; classical studies; computer science; earth and environmental sciences; economics; education; engineering; history; language and linguistics; law; life sciences; management; mathematics; medicine; philosophy; physics and astronomy; politics and international relations; psychology; religion; sociology; statistics and probability. Titles are available via SOLO or at

Access is until 31st November 2021.

Brill ebooks

Until 31st August 2021, over 17,000 e-books in Humanities, Sciences and Social Sciences published by Brill are available via their EBA (evidence-based acquisitions) programme. Titles are available via SOLO or at

De Gruyter ebooks

Until 6th September 2021, over 72,000 ebooks in Humanities and the Social Sciences published by De Gruyter (and 20 of their publisher partners) are available via their EBA (evidence-based acquisitions) programme. Titles are available via SOLO or at

Taylor & Francis Humanities ebooks 2019-20

The humanities libraries have subscribed to an evidence-based selection for 1 year's access to humanities content published in 2019 and up to May 2020. 1,332 extra ebooks are now available via SOLO until 14th July 2021.

Oxford World's Classics

Comprehensive introductions, clear explanatory notes, chronologies, and bibliographies support the classic texts. In addition, many Oxford World's Classics include fascinating and useful related material such as maps, glossaries, indexes, illustrations, and appendices. Titles are available via

Elsevier ScienceDirect Textbooks

This link takes you to a full list of titles not all of which the Bodleian Libraries have access to:

A spreadsheet of the textbooks the Bodleian does have access to can be downloaded here, then select “Educational Textbooks Collections”. If you know the title of the book you wish to consult you can search for it by title on SOLO.

Thieme MedOne Education

Online collection of fully downloadable medical textbooks and colour atlases from Thieme: 114 textbooks, 60,000+ images, over 1,000 videos and a training tool with over 1,000 questions and answers. Includes titles in anatomy, basic sciences, clinical sciences, physical therapy, and radiology. Developed to support the entire medical school curriculum from first year through to residency. These ebooks are available until 30th December 2021 via 


Elsevier Complete Anatomy

Complete Anatomy is a 3D anatomy platform for learning and teaching anatomy. The platform contains over 17,000 interactive structures, including a living, beating, dissectible human heart in full 3D; radiological images in parallel with interactive 3D models; Dynamic Cross-sections, real-time Muscle Motion, Insertion & Origin mapping, Bony Surface & Landmark mapping, 12 layered systems, Nerve Tracer, Blood Supply Tracer; 22 stunning Microscopic anatomy models; over 1,500 clinical videos on Cardiology, Orthopedics, Ophthalmology, Dentistry & Fitness. It offers creative tools for virtual dissection and a set of courses by anatomical topics. This access is until 29th January 2022.

Sign up process:
Download the free version of Complete Anatomy to a compatible device from 
Launch the app and complete in-app registration using your university email address.
After registration, enter the unique library activation code (see into the redeem code area (Open Settings, My Account) of Complete Anatomy. Your license will be unlocked.
Once unlocked, Complete Anatomy can be used on or off-campus for the duration of the institutional subscription.

Springer ebooks

Access to over 40,000 e-books published by Springer Nature in all subject areas from 2017-2021. This includes Palgrave Macmillan, but not titles categorised by Springer as Reference or Textbook. At the end of the subscription period, the libraries will select a number of e-books based on heavy use during the period. These selections will be added permanently to the ebook collection of the Bodleian Libraries. Titles are available via SOLO and 

Please note that ebooks as part of this temporary access will not be flagged as such on SOLO.

Access is until 30th January 2022.


Duke University Press

e-Duke Books provides access to over 2,800 ebooks published by Duke University Press in the humanities and social sciences until 31st December 2021.

Key subject areas include anthropology, art history and theory, Asian studies, cultural studies, ethnic studies, film and television, gender and sexuality studies, Latin American studies, and political theory. All books in the collection, together with new publications as they come out during 2021, are available online to University members via SOLO in 2021. At the end of the year, all 2021 publications (c.140 ebooks) will be added permanently to the ebook collection of the Bodleian Libraries. Access these ebooks via SOLO or

Elsevier ebooks

Access to over 20,000 ebooks published by Elsevier, predominantly on science and medicine. Titles are available via SOLO – please note that ebooks as part of this temporary access will not be flagged as such on SOLO.

Access is until 24th February 2022.