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Jewish law: Jewish law


Jewish law: quick start

In The Oxford International Encyclopedia of Legal History (see below) there are four subentries, an overview of Jewish law, discussion of Ashkenazi and Sephardic Jews in medieval and post-medieval Roman law, and Jewish law in India.

Printed resources

The Law Bod  has two distinct collections which could be pertinent for your research.

First there is the collection which has shelf marks beginning Jewish on Floor 3

Then there is the collection with shelf marks beginning  Israel. This is in the alphabetical run of national jurisdictions on Floor 1.

The Bodleian Law Library's collection is principally in English (and other Western European languages).


Finding more commentary in online catalogue

To start your research with a subject search in SOLO 


Jewish law  

 But consider also whether any of the following reflect your area of interest as well or better!

Jewish law -- Sources

Jewish law -- History

Jewish law - Interpretation and construction

 Rabbinical literature -- History and criticism ; 

Law -- Israel -- Jewish influences

Religion and law -- Israel 

Law -- Social aspects -- Israel 

Jewish law is one of those subjects for which other Oxford reading rooms may also have useful collections, principally the Leopold Muller Memorial Library  (of the Oxford Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies) - but perhaps also the Bodleian's Oriental Institute LibraryPhilosophy and Theology Faculties Library, and The Sackler. SOLO searches will reveal their holdings too - so please pay attention to the holding locations in the results, and plan your visits!

Bodleian Closed Stacks

If your SOLO search uncovers works in the Bodleian Closed Stacks which would be useful, please use the Hold & Request function in SOLO to have them delivered to a Bodleian Reading Room.