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Belgian law: Law codes

Belgian Law

Citing codes

Major codes French - Dutch:

Code civil (C. civ.) - Burgerlijk Wetboek (B.W.)
Code pénal (C. pr. pén.) - Strafwetboek (S.W.)
Code de commerce (C. comm.) - Wetboek van Koophandel (W.Kh.)

Cite codes by article number and abbreviation:

Art. 2 B.W.

Belgian Codes in English

There are some unofficial translations available:

Belgian Codes

The Belgian legal system is based on five codes: the Code civil, Code de commerce, Code pénal, Code d'instruction criminelle (criminal procedure) and Code judiciaire (civil procedure). These stem from French codes prior to the setup of the nation state of Belgium in 1830; the civil and penal codes are still very similar.

The most recent volumes of the Les Codes Larcier are shelved near the beginning of the Belgium collection in the Gallery, starting at shelfmarks beginning Belgium 30. They are also available online.