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Jurisprudence: Legal philosophy

Subjects: Law, Philosophy

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Jurisprudence : quick start

By jurisprudence the Law Bod means legal philosophy, which can include aspects of social and political theory.

Printed resources for jurisprudence

The largest collection of  legal philosophy works in the open shelf collection have shelf marks staring with Jurisp. 
However, the Law Bod is in the process of converting its entire book collection to a different (Moys) subject classification scheme, so SOLO searches will reveal some monographs with shelf marks beginning KA.  
Whichever the shelf mark, the current collection of monographs can be found on Level 2 

Specialist legal philosophy journals - shelf marks beginning Jurisp 300 - are on Floor 1, if the issue was published in 2000 or subsequently, or on the Ground Floor,  if the volume was published up to and including 1999.

Many "general interest" law journals  (such as the Oxford Journal of Legal Studies) may also publish articles on legal philosophy - so make a note of the shelf mark (in OJLS case it will begin Cw UK 300), and ask for directions if you need them!

Law Library: Reserve Collection

When you search SOLO for texts you may find - especially if the text is recommended on an undergrad reading list - that the shelf mark begins KA and the location is shown as "Law Library Reserve Collection." (As is the case for the first two titles below.) Armed with your University Card/Reader's Ticket, please ask for these books at the Enquiry Desk in the Reading Room and they will be issued to you for use in the Library.

Current examples of Law Reserve books which are also general introductions to this subject are:

To do a subject search in SOLO, the major classifications to try are:


Law - philosophy

Sociological Jurisprudence

Law and economics

Law and ethics

Feminist jurisprudence

Alternatively, you could try adding philosophy after a legal topic eg Private law - philosophy.

By jurisprudence the Law Bod means legal philosophy, which can include aspects of social and political theory, and theology.

Standard SOLO searches will find e-books in this topic. Remote access will generally require an Oxford SSO.

Among the titles you wil find are:

You may find SOLO has interesting material in other Oxford Libraries - such as the Bodleian Philosophy and Theology Faculty Library.

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