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International law: Air & Space

Air & space law: quick start

Printed Resources

Specialist law reports

 The LawBod has an incomplete holding of Aviation and Space Law Reports (ASLR) at General 100 A95, and Shawcross and Beaumont's Aviation Reports
(S&B Av R) is at Internat 640 S537b

Specialist law journals

Internat 300 A50 Air and space law [incomplete holding] from v.21(1996)
Internat 300 A115 Annals of air and space law 1976-1992
Internat 300 J110 The Journal of air law and commerce v.10(1939)- v.72(2007)
Internat 300 R170 Revue francaise de droit aérien [later et spatial] 1947-1995
Internat 300 Z60 Zeitschrift für Luftrecht und Weltraumrechtsfragen (Bd. 1, Heft 2-Bd. 2, Heft 2, Bd. 3, Heft 1-Bd. 24, Nr. 2)


Internat 640 Air Law

Internat 650 Space Law

Titles on air law

Books on Air Law are shelved at Internat 640.

Aeronautics -- Law and legislation

The Official Papers Collection (on Floor 0 of the LawBod) has the publications of the International Civil Aviation Authority (ICAO).

Don't forget journal articles! public international law journals are indexed by IFLP.

Titles on space law

Space Law books are shelved at Internat 650.

Subject search terms for SOLO

Space law
Space law -- Treaties
Space industrialization -- Law and legislation

Don't forget journal articles! Public international law journals are indexed by IFLP.