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Computer Science: Journals & proceedings

Journal Abbreviations

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Finding Journals and Conference Proceedings


Many of our journals are available electronically. Search by title using SOLO or the Oxford University E-journals service.

If an electronic version of a journal is not available, we may have it in print copy. Print copies of journals in the RSL are arranged in alphabetical order from Levels 8 to 2. They can be located using SOLO.

If you are looking for a specific article or would like to find articles on a specific topic, you will need to use a bibliographic database. See the 'Databases' tab on this guide for more information.

Conference Proceedings

The RSL has print copies of some conference proceedings. They can be located using SOLO.

The majority of the RSL's collection of conference proceedings are in electronic form. Search by title using the Oxford University E-journals service.

Alternative Tool

DBLP has an extensive bibliography of computer science literature and can be used to quickly find table of contents of particular journals and conferences, with links to full-text, where possible.

Pre-prints and author manuscripts

Many academic institutions now collect peer-reviewed author manuscripts and pre-prints from their academics into digital repositories. This can provide easy open access to high quality scientific publications. You can find repositories and search their contents using the OpenDOAR directory.

Highlighted Journals and Conference Publications

A selection of journals and conference proceedings that are available electronically:

Document Supply

If Oxford doesn't have an article or book, you may be able to get it through our Interlibrary Loan Service:

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