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Bodleian Social Science Library Guide: Political History

A short guide to the Library and our collections.

Political history

Arc of containment : Britain, the United States, and anticommunism in Southeast Asia / by Ngoei, Wen-Qing, 1976- author.
ISBN: 9781501716409 (hbk.)
Publication Date: 2019
Shelfmark: DS525.9.U6.NGO 2019 (Library Use Only)
Cuba : between reform and revolution / by P‚rez, Louis A., Jr., 1943-
ISBN: 0195179110
Publication Date: 2006
Shelfmark: F1776.PER 2006 (Library Use Only)
The diplomacy of decolonisation : America, Britain and the United Nations during the Congo crisis 19 by O'Malley, Alanna, author.
ISBN: 9781526116260
Publication Date: 2018
Shelfmark: DT657.OMA 2018 (Library Use Only)
From Arab nationalism to OPEC : Eisenhower, King Sa'Å«d, and the making of US-Saudi relations / by Citino, Nathan J., author.
ISBN: 9780253222206 (pbk.)
Publication Date: 2010
Shelfmark: E183.8.S25.CIT 2010 (Library Use Only)

A good comrade : Janos Kádár, communism and Hungary / by Gough, Roger.

ISBN: 9781845110581
Publication Date: 2006
Shelfmark: DB956.6.K33.GOU 2006
Green wars : conservation and decolonization in the Maya Forest / by Ybarra, Megan, author.
ISBN: 9780520295162 (hbk.)
Publication Date: 2018
Shelfmark: F1465.2.K5.YBA 2018
Hanoi's war : an international history of the war for peace in Vietnam / by Nguyen, Lien-Hang T., 1974- author.
ISBN: 9780807835517 (hbk.)
Publication Date: 2012
Shelfmark: DS558.5.NGU 2012 (Library Use Only)
The Horn of Africa : politics and international relations / by Woodward, Peter, 1944-
ISBN: 1860648703 (pbk.)
Publication Date: 2003
Shelfmark: DT367.8.WOO 2003 (Library Use Only)
In from the cold : Latin America's new encounter with the Cold War / by
ISBN: 9780822341024 (hbk.)
Publication Date: 2008
Shelfmark: F1414.2.INF 2008
Jimmy Carter in Africa : race and the Cold War / by Mitchell, Nancy, 1952- author.
ISBN: 9781503606609 (pbk.)
Publication Date: 2018
Shelfmark: DT38.7.MIT 2018 (Library Use Only)
The making of modern Lebanon / by Cobban, Helena, author.
ISBN: 9781000231298
Publication Date: 2019
Shelfmark: DS80.9.COB 2019 (Library Use Only)
Margaret Thatcher : the authorized biography / by Moore, Charles, 1956- author.
ISBN: 9780713992823 volume 1 : (hbk.)
Publication Date: 2013
Shelfmark: DA591.T47.MOO 2013
Misalliance : Ngo Dinh Diem, the United States, and the fate of South Vietnam / by Miller, Edward Garvey, author.
ISBN: 9780674072985 (hbk.)
Publication Date: 2013
Shelfmark: E183.8.V5.MIL 2013 (Library Use Only)
Salman's Legacy The Dilemmas of a New Era in Saudi Arabia by Al-Rasheed, Professor Madawi
ISBN: 9780190901745
Publication Date: 2018
Shelfmark: DS244.63.SAL 2018
The Serbian project and its adversaries : a strategy of war crimes / by Gow, James, author.
ISBN: 1850656460
Publication Date: 2003
Shelfmark: DR1313.2.GOW 2003
Southeast Asia's Cold War : an interpretive history / by Ang, Cheng Guan, author.
ISBN: 9780824872571 (hbk.)
Publication Date: 2018
Shelfmark: DS526.7.ANG 2019 (Library Use Only)

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