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Bodleian Social Science Library Guide: Economics, Economic policy, Economic history

A short guide to the Library and our collections.

Economics, Economic policy, Economic history

A brief history of doom : two hundred years of financial crises / by Vague, Richard, author.
ISBN: 9780812296617
Publication Date: 2019
electronic resource
Business networks in Syria : the political economy of authoritarian resilience / by Haddad, Bassam.
ISBN: 9780804773324 (hbk.)
Publication Date: 2012
Shelfmark: HC415.23.HAD 2012 (Library Use Only)
Capitalism, alone : the future of the system that rules the world / by Milanovi?, Branko, author.
ISBN: 9780674987593 (hbk.)
Publication Date: 2019
Shelfmark: HB501.MIL 2019
Carbon inequality : the role of the richest in climate change / by Kenner, Dario, author.
ISBN: 9780815399223 (hbk.)
Publication Date: 2019
Shelfmark: HC79.W4.KEN 2019
Corporate Europe : how big business sets policies on food, climate and war / by Cronin, David, 1967- author.
ISBN: 9780745333335 (hbk.)
Publication Date: 2013
Shelfmark: HD2844.5.CRO 2013 (Library Use Only)
A course in environmental economics : theory, policy, and practice / by Phaneuf, Daniel J. (Daniel James), author.
ISBN: 9780521178693 (pbk.)
Publication Date: 2017
Shelfmark: HC79.E5.PHA 2017
Economic transformation of a developing economy : the experience of Punjab, India / by Singh, Lakhwinder, editor.
ISBN: 9789811091018 (pbk.)
Publication Date: 2019
Shelfmark: HC437.P8.ECO 2019
Frontier assemblages : the emergent politics of resource frontiers in Asia / by Cons, Jason, editor.
ISBN: 9781119412069 (hbk.)
Publication Date: 2019
Shelfmark: HC412.5.FRO 2019
Ghost work : how to stop Silicon Valley from building a new global underclass / by Gray, Mary L., author.
ISBN: 9781328566249 (hbk.)
Publication Date: 2019
Shelfmark: HD6331.GRA 2019
The great reversal : how America gave up on free markets / by Philippon, Thomas, author.
ISBN: 9780674237544 (hbk.)
Publication Date: 2019
Shelfmark: HB95.PHI 2019 (Library Use Only)
International financial management / by Eun, Cheol S., author.
ISBN: 125971778X (hbk.)
Publication Date: 2018
Shelfmark: HG3881.EUN 2018
John Maynard Keynes : the art of choosing the right model / by Hayes, Mark (Mark G.), author.
ISBN: 9781509528240 (hbk.)
Publication Date: 2020
Shelfmark: HB99.7.HAY 2019
The large landowning class and the peasantry in Egypt, 1837-1952 / by ??mid, Ra??f ?Abb?s, author. Gran, Peter, 1941- editor.
ISBN: 9780815632870 cloth : alk. paper
Publication Date: 2011
Shelfmark: HD1331.E3.HAM 2011 (Library Use Only)
Neuroliberalism : behavioural government in the twenty-first century / by Whitehead, Mark, 1975- author.
ISBN: 9781138923829 (hbk.)
Publication Date: 2018
Shelfmark: HD87.WHI 2018 (Library Use Only)
The new environmental economics : sustainability and justice / by Laurent, loi, author.
ISBN: 9781509533800 (hbk.)
Publication Date: 2019
Shelfmark: HD75.6.LAU 2019
The poorer nations : a possible history of the Global South / by Prashad, Vijay, author.
ISBN: 9781844679522 (hbk.)
Publication Date: 2012
Shelfmark: HC59.7.POO 2012
Post-growth thinking in India : towards sustainable egalitarian alternatives / by Gerber, Julien-Fran‡ois, editor.
ISBN: 9789352873937 (hbk.)
Publication Date: 2018
Shelfmark: HC440.E5.POS 2018
The price of aid : the economic Cold War in India / by Engerman, David C., 1966- author.
ISBN: 9780674659599 (hbk.)
Publication Date: 2018
Shelfmark: HC433.ENG 2018 (Library Use Only)
Privatisation and structural change in transition economies / by
ISBN: 9780230378339
Publication Date: 2003
electronic resource
Routledge handbook of the belt and road / by Yi dai yi lu shou ce. English. Cai, Fang, editor.
ISBN: 9780367195267 (hbk.)
Publication Date: 2019
Shelfmark: HF3836.5.ROU 2019
Under the surface : fracking, fortunes and the fate of the Marcellus Shale / by Wilber, Tom, 1958- author.
ISBN: 9780801456541 (pbk.)
Publication Date: 2015
Shelfmark: HD9581.2.S53.WIL 2015 (Library Use Only)
Water is for fighting over : and other myths about water in the West / by Fleck, John, 1959- author.
ISBN: 1642830119 (pbk.)
Publication Date: 2019
Shelfmark: HD1695.A17.FLE 2019 (Library Use Only)
Water, civilization and power in Sudan : the political economy of military-Islamist state building / by Verhoeven, Harry, author.
ISBN: 9781107682689 (pbk.)
Publication Date: 2017
Shelfmark: HD1677.VER 2017 (Library Use Only)

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