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Bodleian Social Science Library Guide: Economics, Economic policy, Economic history

A short guide to the Library and our collections.

Economics, Economic policy, Economic history

Aid effectiveness for environmental sustainability / by "Huang, Yongfu, editor."
ISBN: 9789811053788 hardback
Publication Date: 2018
Shelfmark: HC79.E5.AID 2018
The case for carbon dividends / by "Boyce, James K., author."
ISBN: 9781509526543 hardcover
Publication Date: 2019
Shelfmark: HC79.P55.BOY 2019
The economic and financial order / by "Blanqué, Pascal, author."
ISBN: 9782717870060
Publication Date: 2018
Shelfmark: HB71.BLA 2018
EU development policies : between norms and gaeopolitics / by "Beringer, Sarah L., editor."
ISBN: 9783030013066 print
Publication Date: 2019
Shelfmark: HC240.EUD 2019
Facing up to low productivity growth / by "Posen, Adam Simon, editor."
ISBN: 9780881327311
Publication Date: 2019
Shelfmark: HC79.I52.FAC 2019
Financing sustainable development in Africa / by "Efobi, Uchenna, 1984- editor."
ISBN: 3319788426
Publication Date: 2018
Shelfmark: HC800.Z9.FIN 2018
Institutional economics : an introduction / by "Voigt, Stefan, author."
ISBN: 9781108473248 (hbk.)
Publication Date: 2019
Shelfmark: Week 33 (19)
Making globalization work / by "Stiglitz, Joseph E."
ISBN: 9780713999099 (hbk.)
Publication Date: 2006
Shelfmark: HF1359.STI
Poverty capital : microfinance and the making of development / by "Roy, Ananya, author."
ISBN: 9780415876728 hardback
Publication Date: 2010
Shelfmark: HG178.3.ROY 2010
The sociology of debt / by "Featherstone, Mark, editor."
ISBN: 9781447339526 (hbk.)
Publication Date: 2019
Shelfmark: HG3701.SOC 2019
Transition economies : political economy in Russia, Eastern Europe, and Central Asia / by "Myant, M. R. (Martin R.)"
ISBN: 9780470596197 (hbk.)
Publication Date: 2011
Shelfmark: HC340.12.MYA 2011 (short loan)
Complexity and the economy / by "Arthur, W. Brian, author."
ISBN: 9780199334292 hardback
Publication Date: 2015
Shelfmark: Week 31 (19)

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