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British Standards: Searching for British Standards on SOLO

British Standards available in SOLO

All members of the Bodleian Libraries can access British Standards via the Bodleian Libraries electronic Legal Deposit collections. 

  • The collection is fully comprehensive for both current and withdrawn British Standards.
  • Current British Standards are available via SOLO two weeks after publication date. 
  • For British Standards only, the electronic Legal Deposit collection mirrors what is available on the subscription database British Standards Online (BSOL)
  • See the miscellaneous notes for information about corrections, amendments or if the BS has been withdrawn and replaced. 

Please note that electronic Legal Deposit is not the same as commercially available digital material. All the Legal Deposit Libraries are bound by the same UK legislation that restricts access to this material.

  • Bibliographic records in SOLO for British Standards can be viewed by anyone anywhere. 
  •  electronic Legal Deposit British Standards can only be viewed in any of the Bodleian Libraries reading rooms on any Bodleian Libraries computer. 
  • Print on demand is available for British Standards. Normal copyright restrictions apply. 

For further help using the Bodleian Libraries library catalogue please see the library guide: SOLO Search Oxford Libraries Online

Searching for British Standards in SOLO

How to search for a British Standard in SOLO:

  • Search by title
  • Search by ISBN
  • Search by BS number or other identifier

"example search using British Standard number, BS 2782"

  • The short citation will show you the title and date of the British Standard with a link the electronic Legal Deposit copy. 

 "Image shows short citation of a British Standard record. The citation shows title and date of British Standard and a link to the electronic Legal Deposit copy"





  • For information on identifiers and the status of the British Standard please see 'details'. To view 'details' click on the short citation and scroll down the page. 
    "Image shows the detailed bibliographic record. See 'Identifier' for British Standard numbers, see 'Related Identifer' for ISBNs. See 'Miscellaneous Notes' to view information on whether a standard has been replaced, amended or corrected"