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Education: guide to libraries and resources: Articles

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Already know which article you want?

If you already have the reference for an article, search Oxford's collections:

  • SOLO article search - this is useful to check a partial reference, or find an article you know exists. But bear in mind that it only searches electronic journals, and does not include all journals that Oxford has access to. Also, if you want to do a thorough and effective search of the literature, you are best to start with one of the subject databases in the middle box. 

Finding conference papers and proceedings

  • EducatiOnline, for the BEI conference archive. Once the conference itself has finished, the main details of author, title, abstract and conference are transferred to an archive database. A full text of the paper is linked to this database whenever authors have deposited their work. The archive database currently holds over 15,000 records.

  • Papers First, for listings of conference papers received by the British Library. Covers every published congress, symposium, conference, exposition, workshop and meeting received by The British Library Document Supply Centre.

  • Proceedings First, for listings of conference proceedings including lists of the papers presented at each conference. As above, covers every published congress, symposium, conference, exposition, workshop and meeting received by The British Library Document Supply Centre

  • Education databases, such as ERIC and the British Education Index, also include some conference papers.

  • Google Scholar

    Key databases for finding articles or reports on your topic

    All of these databases are accessible from the Education listing on OxLIP+ Oxford's gateway to subject databases and other useful electronic research tools.

    • British Education Index, for the most comprehensive listing of UK material on education

    • ERIC, the world's largest education database, for US and international material on education

    • Australian Education Index, for Australian information on education

    • SCOPUS, for easy searching, covering all social sciences and sciences, and for simultaneous web searching and citation tracking

    • PsycINFO, for all aspects of psychology, including educational and developmental psychology

    • Linguistics and Language Behavior Abstracts, for all aspects of the study of language and linguistics, including applied linguistics, second language acquisition and language education

    • Sociological Abstracts, for material on all aspects of the sociology of education, including educational policy

    Accessing the education databases

    This video tutorial shows you how to access the education databases on OxLIP+. Click here to view it full-sized.