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Education: guide to libraries and resources: Bodleian Education Library

Subjects: Education

Collection Policy for Education


Main book collection

Search the Library's collections using SOLO (Search Oxford Libraries Online), to find shelfmarks for the books you need.

The main sequence of books is arranged by Library of Congress classification. Please use the shelfmark guide (linked on the left) if you would like to know more about the way our books are arranged. There is also an index to the shelf locations in case you would like to browse by subject. Please ask staff if you need any help finding your material.

Oversize books are marked as "Oversize" on the catalogue and are located in a separate sequence, in the photocopying room.

Bodleian Closed Stack

You can request access to items held in the Bodleian Closed Stack via SOLO. The item is delivered to the Education Library for you to consult. (See the Holds, requests and reservations section of the SOLO guide for detailed instructions.) You can collect your requests from staff at the reception desk. These items are for reference only, and must be returned to reception before you leave the library. 5 items can be held at the Education Library at any one time, and requests stay for a week though you can renew them for longer.

There is also a "Scan and deliver" service, enabling you to request a scan of a chapter or article, which is sent to you as a PDF. This costs £4.75 per request. Special arrangements exist for our distance learners.



A small collection of print journals are arranged in alphabetical order on the shelves in the front Reference Reading Room. Many thousands more titles are also available online, searchable from SOLO or from the Find e-journal tab on OxLIP+ (Oxford Libraries Information Platform).

In some cases you may need to request a volume of a journal from other library stacks, such as the Bodleian stacks. For help with that, please see the guidance on placing requests, holds and reservations.

Theses & Dissertations

You can find theses and dissertations from Oxford on SOLO using the following search steps:

1. On SOLO add the word 'thesis' as one of your search terms

2. To show results from the Department of Education, change the drop-down 'All libraries / collections' to 'Education library'

3. To show resuls from a particular course of study, enter the name of the course as one of your search terms

4. To arrange the results in order by date, change the drop-down 'relevance' to'date-newest'

For more information, including searching for non-Oxford theses, see the Oxford guide to finding theses and dissertations.

Finding theses in the Bodleian Education Library

Theses and dissertations are shelved on the far wall of the Reference Reading Room (the room on the left after the enquiry desk). MSc dissertations are grouped first by subject, e.g. ALSLA, Higher Education, and then arranged alphabetically by author’s surname. DPhil theses and PGCE dissertations are arranged, in separate sequences, alphabetically by author’s surname.

Note: Since 2007, only theses judged by tutors to be of a sufficiently high standard are kept on the open shelves. The rest are held in the Education Library’s stack, and require a member of staff to fetch them if you would like to consult them. Titles since 2008 that received a distinction are on the open shelves, marked with a red dot on the spine.

Classroom Resources


Teaching resource collection

This collection of books is intended to support Secondary PGCE lesson planning and matches each of the main curriculum areas taught in the department. There is also a section on English Language Teaching.  The collection does not aim to be comprehensive, but rather to give examples and inspiration for use and critical comparison.

Resources are arranged by curriculum area, in the following ways:

Religious education 200-
Modern Foreign Languages 400-
English Language Teaching
Sciences 500-
Mathematics 510-
English 800-
Geography 910-
History 940-


Group discussion and lesson planning and practice is encouraged in the resources room.